Top 2014 Geology Books

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These five books will not have any appeal to the public, they are academic and textbooks. Still had to do the listing.

The idea of an “Anthropocene” has existed since at least the 1870s (back then it was called the Anthropozoic, the current term was coined in 2000). It’s fairly simple in a colloquial sense: humans have had such a profound effect on the bio- and geosphere that we deserve our own geological era. When it comes to actually defining such an era, things become much more difficult. If this is of any interest to you, then this is the reference book you need, a multi-authored book presenting all the geological sides and aspects of the issue.

Sedimentary Geology

by Donald R. Prothero [W. H. Freeman, Hardcover]
Price: $88.73 £49.99 EUR 82,58 EUR 83,17 EUR 67,17 EUR 84,45 CDN$ 96.00

The best sedimentary geology textbook there is. Nothing much else to say. Of use to geologists and palaeontologists.

Islands are perfect as open laboratories. They are self-contained and small, like test tubes. I use Cyprus as an open laboratory, and this book demonstrates how the Galapagos can be used as such in the geosciences as well. Not only that, it also serves as an effective review of the geology of the Galapagos.

There are many geology and earth science textbooks available, and I feel that the choice between them is a personal one. Objectively, they are all at the same level, although they may stress some things more. I feel this one contains some extra sections that are not included in other basic textbooks, hence I place it here.

Understanding Earth

by John Grotzinger [W. H. Freeman, Paperback]
Price: $75.00 £54.14 EUR 90,73 EUR 91,13 EUR 105,60 EUR 103,70 -

Another good textbook. See comment above.

[expand title=”Runners up:”]

Geology of the Alps

by O. Adrian Pfiffner [Wiley-Blackwell, Paperback]
Price: $50.27 £35.44 EUR 48,54 EUR 44,80 EUR 46,18 EUR 46,55 CDN$ 63.02

Intraplate Earthquakes

by Pradeep Talwani [Cambridge University Press, Hardcover]
Price: $96.99 £62.00 EUR 123,82 EUR 121,85 EUR 112,79 EUR 119,07 CDN$ 30.10


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