Top 2014 Ecology Books

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Books for the ecology students, the working ecologists, and even the zoologists among you.

My favourite field of “pure” ecology, macroecology explains ecological patterns and processes at the broadest temporal and spatial scales, and seeks to find the mechanisms common at all of them. This book reprints some of the most influential macroecological papers from the past two centuries, and provides discussions of their influence and validity from the foremost experts on macroecology. In all a vital book for those looking to get into the field, providing both a historical perspective and an overview of the state of the art.

Visual Ecology

by Thomas W. Cronin [Princeton University Press, Hardcover]
Price: $50.19 £36.59 EUR 52,03 EUR 51,72 EUR 52,36 EUR 55,33 CDN$ 71.90

Most animals have functional eyes. Most use their eyes to interact with their environments, their prey, their predators. But every species’s visual system is different: colour perception, shape distinction, and motion detection are all abilities that we humans take for granted, but some animals lack them, others have taken them to an extreme level compared to us. Visual ecology is the field that studies how these varied abilities influence animal behaviour and ecology. This textbook is thus of interest to ethologists, but through effective reviews of the visual system of many taxa, I would also recommend it as further reading for comparative zoology courses.

Urban Ecology: Science of Cities

by Richard T. T. Forman [Cambridge University Press, Paperback]
Price: $59.50 £39.79 EUR 55,14 EUR 53,79 EUR 59,91 EUR 54,49 -

My work providing extracurricular fieldtrips to schools has provided some great challenges, foremost among them being that no school will provide the funding and the time off for a field trip to anywhere decently wild. As such, I’ve become a big fan of urban ecology – the study of ecosystems that develop within cities. From green areas like cemetaries and parks to pavements, cities are teeming with non-human life forming communities much like those in the wilderness. Showing this biodiversity that lives right outside schoolkids’s doorsteps is often quite a shock and delight to them. In any case, this is a textbook of urban ecology. I can’t really say much more about it, hence the anecdote.

A book every budding and working ecologist should have at hand. Exactly as advertised.

Another one for the ethologists and zoologists, this one is all about pheromone biology. It encompasses every single aspect of the field: how to detect and study pheromones; their effects on behaviour; and their functional, benevolent, or parasitic uses by different taxa. A reference work needed by anyone working with pheromone-using taxa. Also thankfully contains a section laying to rest the myth of human pheromones, a myth I’ve had to debunk more times than I care for.

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Phylogeography of California: An Introduction

by Kristina A. Schierenbeck [University of California Press, Hardcover]
Price: $52.65 £35.82 EUR 47,68 EUR 45,45 EUR 46,80 EUR 53,90 CDN$ 63.04

Ecology, Third Edition

by Michael L. Cain [Sinauer Associates, Inc., Hardcover]
Price: $90.99 £55.99 EUR 88,73 EUR 82,37 EUR 90,06 EUR 59,66 CDN$ 125.11

Hope on Earth: A Conversation

by Paul R. Ehrlich [University Of Chicago Press, Hardcover]
Price: $12.49 £10.27 EUR 17,41 EUR 12,75 EUR 15,56 EUR 16,61 CDN$ 17.41

Essentials of Conservation Biology

by Richard B. Primack [Sinauer Associates is an imprint of Oxford University Press, Hardcover]
Price: $62.21 £40.36 EUR 59,31 EUR 58,02 EUR 67,61 EUR 64,60 CDN$ 98.78

Tool Use in Animals: Cognition and Ecology

by Dr Crickette M. Sanz [Cambridge University Press, Paperback]
Price: $41.88 £24.95 EUR 38,15 EUR 35,69 EUR 37,61 EUR 41,89 CDN$ 47.48

Ecology of Freshwater and Estuarine Wetlands

by Dr. Darold P. Batzer [University of California Press, Hardcover]
Price: $62.95 £45.79 EUR 61,63 EUR 59,68 EUR 60,60 EUR 71,79 CDN$ 86.89

Marine Community Ecology and Conservation

by Mark Bertness [Sinauer Associates is an imprint of Oxford University Press, Hardcover]
Price: $71.61 £40.21 EUR 76,93 EUR 61,71 EUR 60,05 EUR 75,84 CDN$ 59.99

Terrestrial Biosphere-Atmosphere Fluxes

by Professor Russell Monson [Cambridge University Press, Hardcover]
Price: $81.83 £49.72 EUR 68,25 EUR 68,96 EUR 72,28 EUR 71,00 CDN$ 52.96


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