Teaching Resources: Background Knowledge on Turtle Shell Evolution

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The turtle’s shell is one of the most striking and unique features found in organismal biology, and questions and debates on its origin have intrigued scientists for more than two centuries, with as much resolution found now as in the 1800s.

The turtle shell is thus an impeccable problem for students to investigate, requiring a mix of evolutionary biology, developmental biology, palaeontology, genomics, ecology, and any of their possible possible permutations and combinations. The resources listed here provide the background knowledge your students need to take into account, and thus are essential for their first steps into this fascinating subject.

Zip of all papers downloadable at this link.  I’ve also made every individual paper also available, just click on the [PDF] links. The order in which I have them is a rough guide to how I teach this.

Importance of Palaeontology:

Evo-Devo and Origin of Biological Innovations:

Historical Perspectives:

Zoological Background:



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