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Top Papers of the Week (DEFUNCT)

Every week, I categorised the newly-published papers that interested me and post them on the sister blog. I then pick out the most interesting paper from each category and highlight it here. Maybe I will then pit them against each other at the end of the year or something, to determine the coolest papers of the year.

13.02-19.02.2012: Including: decapod ageing, AP axis patterning, plant pollination under climate change, Bt resistance, maintenance of sex, pupa fossil, taxon influence metric, sipunculid systematics, squid gladius microstructure.

06.02-12.02.2012: Including: butterfly evolution, trachaeophyte phylogenetic tree, productivity and biodiversity, biofuel production, peppered moths, the nature of science, evolution acting on humans, fossil beetle colours, mechanism in biology, birth-death model and Yule model comparison, vertewbrate brain evolution.

30.01-05.02.2012: Including: chrysomelid brain evolution, lithosphere life, multicellular yeast, PT extinction, British eugenicists, end-Cambrian crustaceans, macroevolution R package, Conus shell patterns.

23.01-29.01.2012: Including: trilobite development, carnivorous plant, treehopper sexual competition, urban bioenergy, parallelism, Gondwana, Viking navigation, marriage, ancestral genome reconstruction, Archaeopteryx colour, leech brain.

16.01 – 22.01.2012: Including: social insect altruism,  anthozoan development, palaeoecoinformatics, nuclear waste disposal, earthquakes, KT extinction, phylogenetics visualisation, bivalve periostraca.

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04.04.2011-10.04.2011 not available due to sudden bout of illness and a resultant stupid action leading to a mess up in my filing system. Sincerest apologies. I will be changing the way I store my files to make sure these things don’t happen again. A separate folder for blog-worthy papers or something. Anyway, ehre’s a tip: check out the week’s issue of the American Malacological Bulletin for some great papers on speciation in extant molluscs!


Including: angiosperm origins, species concepts, pitfall trap design, Apex Chert pseudofossils, Ediacaran biomineralisation.


Including: parataxonomy. ant architecture, arthropod evo-devo, octopus neurobiology, spider cannibalism, phylotypy, global warming, brachiopod larval eyes, myrmecophily, assassin bugs, kin selection, human evolution, therapsid.


Including: Molecular phylogenetics, speciation genetics, multilevel selection, plant conservation, ant polymorphism, plant-arthropod interactions, trilobites.

07-.03.2011-13.03.2011 not available due to a hard drive failure wreaking havoc on my file sorting system! (Sorry!)


Including: Hydrothermal vent chemistry, Cretaceous climate, grapes, synthetic cells, male selection, annelid phylogenetics, sandflies, soil science, Gastrodoridae, oldest tenbrionoid, Prototeuthidina, Ediacaran fossil interpretation, antifreeze protein, juvenile hormone, olfaction, carotene, ancient DNA, developmental stress hypothesis, epigenetics, Trechus, gynandromorphs, rock crawlers, fossil earwig.


Including: Wolbachia, sperm wars, evil herbivores, pheromone, jewel wasp, DNA repair, leaf shape, Antarctic bryozoans, geongineering, microevolution, spider webs, climate change, autism lobopod, snail brains, flight muscle, polarisation vision, wet cuticles, polychaete burrowing, weather and ecology, human diet evolution, chemical communication, rate of macroevolution, microbial evolution, dinosaurs, sex determination, chromosomes, Michael White, Orthoptera, homoplasy, fire ant, electron microscopy, Trichinella genome, Neandertal migration, mammoths, Mediterranean biome evolution, PT extinction, ant parasites, opilionid sex, earwig genitals, multi-coloured grasshopper, C4 photosynthesis, ecosystem as a concept, assassin bug wing, termites, fossils and phylogeny, onion thrips, leaf-cutting ants.


Including: Chronobiology, seed development, fossil monkey, Jurassic palaeoclimate, volcanic lakes, biomarkers, leafhopper cultivation, Asa Gray, Richard Spruce, Richard Schlutes, siboglinids, hominins, Ediacarans, monkey hearts, spider ecology, selection model, Fisher, speciation, parasites, cone snails, Ordovician glaciation, mechanistic embryology, anomuran phylogeny, insect phylogeny, orthopteroid phylogeny, polyploidy, cone snail phylogeny, cuttlefish clock.


Including: insect physiology, sleeping snails, time-telling corals, flea jumps, ascidian guts, Astrocharis, climate change, wind pollination, Galápagos endemism, dopamine, ciliary locomotion, memory, free will, colour vision, mushroom bodies, caste development, Mecochiridae, Xenacoelomorpha, Paul Martin, Bathysciadiidae, sabellids, bryozoans, Trichoplax, fire adaptation, sea urchin development, ecophysiology, evo-devo.


Including: ants, anthropocene, global warming, polarised vision, cephalopod eyes, jewel beetle elytras, pheromones, P-T Extinction, Nectocaris, trilobites, edrioasteroids, spiders, leaf-cutting ants, Daphnia genome, plant evolution, glacial refugia, beetle heads, spider legs, velvet worms brains, molecular phylogenetics, bees, Aprusia.


Including: parthenogenesis, carnivorous plants, rafting, plant-arthropod interactions, social trematodes, demonstration of sympatry, new moth, plant defence, early humans, annelid development, sperm competition, eukaryotic diversity, DNA duplication, hot silkworms, endemic scarabs, spanish megachilids, phylogeography, dead corals, tree hopper, teaching, parasites, termites,paper wasps, cyanobacteria, ammonites, eco-evolution, ants, Erasmus Darwin, spider vision, moths smelling, ticks salivating, p53, insect brains, migration, metabolic theory of ecology, speciation rate, endemism.


Including: human evolution, entomology, biogeography, microbiology, taxonomy, gastropod phylogenetics, teaching methods, Cambrian Radiation, astrobiology, pterosaurs, scientific method, evo-devo, philosophy, Earth oxygenation, ammonoids, deep homology, Antarctican history geology.