I am available to be hired for lectures. Below are lists of potential titles, but a free topic can be requested within my knowledge limits (consult the lists and the site).

E-mail me at marcsrour@gmail.com to discuss details. Virtual lectures by Skype or other streaming service also doable. I have also led successful journal club sessions by Skype.

Examples of previous lectures can be read here:

Not yet written up as above:

My lecture database stands at more than 25GB due to copious amounts of public lecturing. Not only does this mean I can have lectures ready at anytime, it also means I have experience making new lectures in record time. Below is a selection of titles available:


  • Alvinellidae (Annelida: Polychaeta): Life on Hydrothermal Vents
  • Animal Agriculture
  • Animal Diversity [All 30+ phyla, not just the famous ones!]
  • Ascidian Development
  • Bioluminsecence
  • Parasitism
  • Senses in Basal Metazoans
  • Sociality
  • Sponges
  • The Neural Crest: Evo-Devo and Importance for Vertebrate Diversification
  • The Origin of the Nervous System
  • Wolbachia and its Effect on Evolution


  • Arthropods as Models for Evo-Devo Research
  • Arthropod Head Evolution: A Palaeontological Perspective
  • Arthropods of Cyprus: Research Potential
  • Biology of Blood-Sucking Insects
  • Butterfly Wing Pattern Generation: A Model for Evo-Devo
  • Comparative Neuroanatomy among Arthropods: Tracing Sensory Evolution in a Modular Phylum
  • Crustacean Relationships
  • Decapod Evolution and Systematics
  • Evolution, Systematics, and Comparative Biology of The Chelicerata
  • Higher-Level Systematics of Arthropods: Controversies and Challenges
  • Hymenopteran Phylogeny, with a Focus on Basal Hymenoptera
  • Insect-Plant Interactions
  • Insects and Oxygen
  • Insects as Human Food
  • Strepsipteran Parasitism
  • Tardigradan Physiology
  • The Pentastomida
  • The Early Fossil Record of Winged Insects


  • Brains: A Case Study in Homologisation
  • DNA Barcoding
  • How to Build a Tree: Philosophy, Methodology and Problems
  • Metazoan Phylogeny: Old vs. New
  • Morphology as a Guide to Phylogeny
  • Principles and Rules of Taxonomy
  • Sponge Phylogeny
  • Systematic Wandering of the Deuterostome Mouth
  • The Bilaterian Common Ancestor
  • The Molecular Clock [Short version, Pt. 1 here]
  • The Philosophy of Systematics


  • Clearing Up the Commonest Creationist Fallacies
  • Coevolution
  • Development and Evolution
  • Evolution in the Mainstream: Correcting Common Misconceptions
  • Islands as Natural Open Laboratories in Ecology and Evolution
  • Is There A Relationship between Taxon Age and Geographic Spread?
  • Levels of Selection
  • Macroevolution: Patterns and Processes
  • Natural Selection
  • Species Concepts
  • The Geographical Aspect of Evolution
  • The Gulf Between Micro- and Macroevolution


  • Early Animals: Their Fossil Record and Its Significance
  • Faxe: A 63Ma Deep- and Cold-Water Coral Reef
  • Palaeontology of Cyprus
  • Phyllocarida in the Fossil Record
  • Sites of Exceptional Preservation
  • Spiders in the Fossil Record
  • Stem-Group Arthropods
  • Taphonomical Windows: A Molluscan Example
  • The Evolution of Flowers
  • The Fossil Record’s Completeness
  • The History of Life on Earth [abstracts and links here]
  • The Hunsrück Slate: Post-1998 Discoveries
  • The Utility of Palaeontology for Evolution


  • The Geology of Cyprus
  • The Cadomian Orogeny


  • Archaean Ecology [the microorganisms, not the geological period]
  • Cryptic Diversity: Implications for Conservation and Evolution
  • Islands as Natural Open Laboratories in Ecology and Evolution
  • Phylogenetic Diversity in Coral Reefs
  • Serpentine Ecology
  • The Deep Sea

Climate Change

  • Climate Change and its Effect on the Biosphere
  • Ecological Adaptations to Climate Change
  • The Science Behind Anthropogenic Climate Change


  • Evo-Devo in Angiosperms
  • Origin and Evolution of Angiosperms
  • Plant Defences: Ecological and Evolutionary Implications
  • Synechococcus: Ruler of the World?


  • Alfred Russel Wallace
  • Biology in Antiquity
  • Biology of the Medieval Period
  • Biology in the Renaissance Period
  • Biology in the Enlightenment
  • Beetles: 6 Millenia of Classification
  • Burgess Shale Centennary: The History of the Burgess Shale
  • Charles Darwin
  • Ernst Haeckel
  • Evolution at the Beginning of the 20th Century
  • Evolution since Darwin
  • Jean-Baptiste Lamarck; Lamarckism
  • Major Figures in the History of Evolution (1850-1950)
  • The Evolution of “Evolution”: Pre-Darwinian Thoughts to a Post-Darwinian Future
  • The History of Phylogenetics
  • The Rise of the Scientific Method


Non-Biological Talks: Pseudoscience

  • Astrology
  • Climate Change Denialism
  • Creationism [ideology, history, debunking of]
  • Pseudoscience
  • Quack medicine [homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, New German Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, reikki, herbalism, faith healing]


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